General Policies

Reason for a Policy page:

This page is to ensure clear communication of what is expected to uphold a positive working massage relationship.  This will be helpful to refer to when booking a massage, about my responsibilities to you, and how to be respectful to the flow of the therapist’s day and other appointments surrounding your scheduled time.

General Policies of Everyday Therapeutics Massage

  • Massage sessions are by appointment~we love walk-ins if we have time
  • To ensure a safe and comfortable experience our company does not book a first time client after dark.
  • Phone calls after 4-5 pm go to voicemail and returned the next day.
  • I do text but it is a one way street. I use it for last min bookings. Texting is not the preferred acceptable method to make any changes. 
  • Payments are due at the time of massage unless it is a gift certificate or pre arranged agreements have been made. Gift Certificates will be marked if the tip has already been taken care of at the time of purchase.(can not be used towards service unless you are tipping the same or more out of pocket: meaning if someone left a 20% you can’t leave 15% but you can leave 25%)
  • Cash, Credit, and Checks are all accepted.
  • This practice follows a code of ethics set in place by the Pennsylvania State Board.
  • Arrive early for first appointment to fill out a simple form for my records, which are secured and not shared.
  • We are a cell phone free establishment! This means we prefer you leave them in the car turned off.
  • **POWER DOWN ALL CELL PHONES** before locking them in our lockers. We provide a small locker which can hold a phone, ipad/tablet, a bamboo dish for jewelry, watches, anything small, small lockers can hold a small purse. You will walk in to check in without anything in your hands.
  • We have a coat hook and lockers. We don’t allow you to carry a coat into the space.
  • For those who carry the world into the wellness place we have 4 larger locked lockers for coats, valuables and all watches/phones get POWERED DOWN
  • We provide spa shoes to change into  and we provide a place for the used spa shoes ***PLEASE DON’T RETURN THEM WITH THE CLEAN SANITIZED SHOES******
  • expect to enter the space free of worry!!

CONTRAINDICATIONS, reasons I can’t massage you

    • Skin Conditions~ rashes, ringworm, allergies to lotions, oils or scents, active impetigo
    • Acute Inflamnation~ any heat, redness, swelling or pain
    • Loss of Structural Integrity~ recent breaks, burns, sprains
    • Cardiovascular Disorders~ severe varicose veins, stroke, hypertension, hypotension, cardiac arrhythmias
    • Decreased Sensation~ diabetes, stroke, medication, nerve or spinal cord injury
    • Edema~ due to bacterial or viral infection, pitted edema, deep vein thrombosis, edema caused by cardiac liver, or kidney disease.
    •  Disease spread by circulation~ Lymphangitis, swollen lymph glands.
    •  Compromised Immunity~ elderly, cancer patients, conditions of chronic fatigue syndrome and lupus
    • Changes, Cancellations, No Shows, Late Arrivals, and Early Arrivals
  • Changes: The online scheduler allows you to change a date or time without contacting the office number or the massage therapist directly. We do not accept emails or text messages as a form of changes or cancellations. The whole idea of an online scheduler is to leave times open for someone else. Your massage therapist gets a text message about the change you have made online and will have 24 hour notice to be ready for your massage session.
  • Cancellations: Less than 24 cancellation which happens after we leave the office at the end of a business day has a $25 charge.  If we can fill the appointment we don’t charge you. It is our Karma theory. If you cancel when we are starting our day it is considered a “no show” full charge, unless someone books it. Clients have filled their own appointments to avoid the charge. The best way to change an appointment 24 hours or less is to learn to do it online yourself. Fees still apply but you have a better chance someone is surfing the web to book at odd hours of the day/night. If we come in to listen to a heartfelt message or get an email, we will do our best to fill the space you held on our online booking. We charge your credit card the day of the scheduled appointment or if you have an outstanding gift certificate it will be deducted from those funds. The remainder of the money from a gift certificate can be applied to your next appointment. If we don’t have a secured Credit Card we will need to secure it at the next appointment.
  • No Shows: We understand everyone has a off day. The therapist has been waiting for you or is on their way in to have a last min cancellation or “no-show”and worrying about you, at this point they have checked and double checked to make sure they did not make a mistake. Even though everyone is okay and it was a simple mistake or you got sick, or are on vacation & just forgot. Don’t feel bad, it is okay! You will be responsible for the full amount of the session.  If you have an outstanding gift certificate the funds will be used and the remainder is applied to the next session. If something horrific happens we do bend the policy over accidents, deaths, or for 1st timers to a reduced charge.
  • Late Arrivals: Sometimes we can go with the flow and sometimes we just won’t have the time. It might just be a situation that the therapist can’t adjust the schedule to meet your 10-15 min late time. If you chat it up past your start time with people you see or the front desk we may not be able to adjust our schedule and it will come off your scheduled time. We are so so sorry to be on a schedule.
  • WE LOVE Early Arrivals: We encourage you to arrive at least 15 min. We provide a relaxation area a quiet space to just prepare for your massage. If you don’t enjoy the quiet and arrive 30 before your session we have wireless headphones with recorded meditation. * this is not a last min request, this is for early arrivals*