A New Therapist !!

Let”s give a warm welcome to Ms. Dani Greene from Philly; a Licensed Massage Therapist for over two and a half years and just moved to this area and heard about a position at ETM, through a therapist friend. Dani plans on marrying and staying in the area a long time.

I got to know her style and love for massage during the interview. She enjoys giving therapeutic Swedish Massage(s) and can go very deep if clients need a therapeutic Deep Tissue massage. The 2 most known and popular massage choices but, Hot Stone Massages was a specialty at the last place she worked! Advancing quickly and training LMT’s specific to this modality and helping the company open up a new location! She is also very confident to take on 2nd trimester women for prenatal massage due to her excellent training. Dani is trained in the technique of Gua Sha. It helps with pain similar to cupping. We will run a special so you can experience and understand this old Chinese Medicine tradition for pain and balance. Another new modality to this space will be the cold stone face massage she gives as a stand alone or along with any session.


Dani’s background career is in the hospitality industry. It has helped her transition into the massage lifestyle. She enjoys providing and educating clients on healthy touch and the benefits of receiving regular massage therapy. Outside of her massage career she told me how she likes to recharge to be her best, by spending time outdoors and spending time with her dog, Bruno, and hanging out with family and friends.


Dani came from an area that took massage very seriously. It was “walk-in city and re-booking easy”. I hope our town takes advantage of this new talented therapist.


Check out her specials online! She is really looking forward to growing her new massage family here in Ligonier.

Dani’s start date is Sept 7th Thursday! We will welcome Dani and her new schedule every Thursday 9am to 2pm and 2 Saturdays a month. Rebooking Rates with Dani all month reaching all your massage needs.


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