Kick Off Weekend~Ohiopyle

Memorial Day Weekend I will have my massage tent open Saturday-Sunday-Monday buy massage by the minute.

Hour massages available inside with air conditioning.

.ohiopyle picture


Have a safe fun weekend !!!

Ohiopyle Location is Open

This is the only place in Western Pennsylvania where you can buy massage by the minute, hour, and groups can be together during the massage.   I created a unique way to introduce massage to the environment by taking it outdoors and letting people fit massage into their busy day(s) chunking it into 10-15-20 minute times.  Of course you can get massages for 60 minutes and 90 minutes in an air conditioned room.  

Walk right up to our outdoor BBQ, it is fun to order right outside then walk onto the front porch to enjoy the sounds of the Ohiopyle Falls. Enter the chocolate shop right from the porch, Firefly Chocolates makes their own hand dipped chocolate.   

Featuring  “gratitude cups” this year, use it, symbolically, filling your cup daily with gratitude then at the end of the day turn the cup over remembering all you are thankful for to create good dreams.  


Thought of the day

How to be happier.  A happiness makeover. How can we get happier??  Did you know we have a genetic set point for happiness and the rest is up to us?  We can cultivate the mental and emotional outlooks that will generate a sense of joyfulness.  Look at happy people you encounter and try to figure out what makes them so darn happy.  What can you observe about a happy person?  That can be your focal point to link you to generate more personal happiness.  What strikes you about a person who is happy? As an example did you notice a giving person seemed to be more happy? Maybe you could start a personal happy journey by just giving a little more.  Whatever you see and whatever you are drawn to could be a path to a more happy moment.

Hello World!

I am currently in the process of building  my website.  Projected date May 1st.  Please call 724-396-4337 or email to schedule a massage or request more info.