A second NEW THERAPIST is joining us!

Rosalie started her personal journey in the healing arts, Reiki I in 2006, Raleigh, NC. She was a mental health counselor for disabled individuals for almost a decade. She moved back to PA in 2013 to be near my family. Trained at Career Training Academy in Monroeville licensed in 2014. Rosalie shared how she developed her style of combining the most enjoyable and effective elements of Swedish, Neuromuscular, Hot Stones, Reflexology, Myofascial Release and Shiatsu. Tailoring every treatment to each individuals needs. She was drawn to my practice after she heard about my work and how I use every I have in each session. We share the love to use hot stones as an essential tool to help release tension.  She feels blessed to have had such amazing teachers and mentors including a chiropractor right from the start. Achieving her Usui/Tibetan Master/Teacher Reiki Certification in 2015.

A trained dancer, presently being a dance instructor and certified in group fitness has made an intimate connection with muscles, tissue and bones, giving her unique insight in posture analysis and as to “how and why” the body works the way it does. I am very excited about her dedication to educate clients about massage therapy and how to continue, to help themselves once the massage therapy session is over. She prides herself in actively listening to her clients and customize every single massage. Roselee will impress you as she has impressed me during the interview. She is a blessing to Ligonier! Taking on hours that will be very pleasing to this town. Thursday and Friday 2:30pm to 8:30 pm plus every other Saturday opposite the other new therapist starting on the exact same day.

Start Date is September 14th

More to come with Roselee stay tuned!

A New Therapist !!

Let”s give a warm welcome to Ms. Dani Greene from Philly; a Licensed Massage Therapist for over two and a half years and just moved to this area and heard about a position at ETM, through a therapist friend. Dani plans on marrying and staying in the area a long time.

I got to know her style and love for massage during the interview. She enjoys giving therapeutic Swedish Massage(s) and can go very deep if clients need a therapeutic Deep Tissue massage. The 2 most known and popular massage choices but, Hot Stone Massages was a specialty at the last place she worked! Advancing quickly and training LMT’s specific to this modality and helping the company open up a new location! She is also very confident to take on 2nd trimester women for prenatal massage due to her excellent training. Dani is trained in the technique of Gua Sha. It helps with pain similar to cupping. We will run a special so you can experience and understand this old Chinese Medicine tradition for pain and balance. Another new modality to this space will be the cold stone face massage she gives as a stand alone or along with any session.


Dani’s background career is in the hospitality industry. It has helped her transition into the massage lifestyle. She enjoys providing and educating clients on healthy touch and the benefits of receiving regular massage therapy. Outside of her massage career she told me how she likes to recharge to be her best, by spending time outdoors and spending time with her dog, Bruno, and hanging out with family and friends.


Dani came from an area that took massage very seriously. It was “walk-in city and re-booking easy”. I hope our town takes advantage of this new talented therapist.


Check out her specials online! She is really looking forward to growing her new massage family here in Ligonier.

Dani’s start date is Sept 7th Thursday! We will welcome Dani and her new schedule every Thursday 9am to 2pm and 2 Saturdays a month. Rebooking Rates with Dani all month reaching all your massage needs.


Benefits of Infrared Saunas

Chromotherapy violet calms the nervous system, soothe organs and relax muscles.

Sunlight is a combination of visible light and invisible light. The seven colors of the rainbow are visible lights, and infrared rays and ultraviolet rays are invisible lights. Infrared rays are one of the sun’s rays. Infrared rays are the healthiest, penetrate into your skin deeply and they dissolve harmful substances accumulated in your body. The Infrared Rays vitalize your cells and metabolism.

Far infrared waves penetrate deep into our body for a deep heating action, which allows for the body to activate the sweat glands. The sweat glands offer one of only a few mechanisms that the body has to eliminate toxins and since the skin is the largest organ in the human body it is apparently a very good means for elimination.


When far infrared waves are applied to water molecules (comprising 70% of our body) these molecules begin to vibrate. This vibration reduces the ion bonds and the eventual breakdown of the water molecules causes encapsulated gases and other toxic materials to be released.


The sun is the primary source of radiant energy, but not all of this energy is beneficial. Although life needs energy from the sun, too much sunlight damages the skin. Far infrared heat provides all the healthy benefits of natural sunlight without any of the dangerous effects of solar radiation.

For years, the healthcare industry recommended infrared heat lamps as a source of far infrared heat but the lamps were cumbersome, extremely hot and difficult to maintain at a constant temperature. Today, many healthcare professionals use far infrared infrared heaters to treat a variety of diseases throughout the world. Clearlight Infrared Saunas use state of the art Carbon/Ceramic True Wave II heaters.

The efficacy of far infrared waves is very broad and the subject of recent study by NASA. Among the infrared waves, the far infrared rays, which have a wavelength of 8-14 microns, are especially good for the human body. These waves have the potential to penetrate 1.5 to 2 inches or more into the body allowing for deep heat and raising your core body temperature from deep inside. The deep heat and far infrared is why scholars believe that the Ondol (traditional warm floor of Korea) is good for health because the materials for the Ondol are stone and earth both of which radiate far infrared waves when heated.

The far infrared rays consist of similar wavelengths as that which is emitted naturally by the human body. This is one potential explanation of why many feel energetically rejuvenated and balanced from contact with far infrared waves. It is also believed that far infrared waves help improve blood circulation and recovery from fatigue.

Book online today for an introductory rate $20 and check out the package deals online



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Ohiopyle Location is Open

This is the only location in Western Pennsylvania where you can get massage by the minute! Open 11 am until 8 pm.  We’re located in a old Victorian home right in the heart of the 2 block by 2 block Ohiopyle.