Float Tanks


Offering 2 Samadhi Tanks



Shower before entering the tank using Bronner’s soap, use our hand gloves on every area of body, step into the tank turn around and kneel down to close the door then you slowly lay back into the water, do not have any expectations but to enjoy the journey. You will be in total darkness and silence for 60 minutes. When you feel the bubbles on your back your session is over. Slowly sit up & open the tank door step into the shower before leaving. Don’t over think when your session is up this is all a mind game over knowing the time, yes you will feel the bubbles. You deserve to stick it out for your brain. Let yourself do the mental list or waste your float on ideas you don’t want to focus on, the right side of your brain is the creative problem solving and it will do the work before you know it!! We believe in floating more than once so we do run specials.



*use the gloves to exfoliate, get as much dead skin off your body for water quality* cool down the water to get cold before entering the tank*use the towel to dry any water around your face so nothing prompts you to touch your face in the tank*use petroleum gel for any minor cuts *use hand towels to keep door slightly open or to touch your face/eyes* leave door open if you do not like closed spaces* do not touch your face due to the salt *do not judge your experience to others it deepens over time*you are not actually spinning, it is all in your head~ so relax*we will not ask you for details about your experience but if you share we love hearing about it!!


Why I chose Samadhi tanks: I am the owner of Everyday Therapeutics and I tried out several tanks in different states for years discovering new ways to chill out! and this is the tank I liked far better than any float experience. In my research I found out this is the original float tank. The other tanks that look sheik and white very light with lights and music with bubbles. It wasn’t Samadhi!!! This tank is the deprivation your mind needs!

When did floating start? John C. Lilly in 1954 studied neurophysiology with the National Institute of Mental Health in Bethesda, Maryland. He looked for ways to alter reality, to dive deeper into the mind. He determined that 90n percent of the central nervous system’s workload is related to gravity, light, sound, and touch. If you are awake, your nervous systems on high alert. LILLY created the first float tank. It was a pool of water that allowed a person to float upright while supplying oxygen with a makeshift head gear. He and some colleagues tested this out for years and then produced a sellable tank in 1977.

Why do people float? Let’s dive deeper of why would anyone want to float? You can float in your tub, in the ocean, in a pool, but why deprive yourself of light and sound while becoming weightless? The tank is designed to remove all the sensory input that makes you feel human all the time. The sensory of sounds and light such as: the coffee brewing, the mental list, the sensation of cloths touching our bodies, sounds of traffic, kids, phones, constant interruptions of though the physical realm can be overwhelming or maybe you are retired enjoying the more peaceful ease of the day. We are diving into the spiritual side of ourselves by floating. If you have taken drugs on your journey it has been described as a high like a drug without the destruction in your life drugs can bring. It can’t be totally explained and is best to experience yourself in a non physical realm and then decide.

What are the benefits of floating? The more you float the more benefits you unlock.PTSD, Writers Block, Athletes, Mental Blocks of all kinds, eating disorders, to see if you want to purchase a tank,  there is athletic potential is grounded in the brain and not just the body. Floating enhances body/mind connection. 

Is floating for me? Give it a try, we offer Groupon Specials and continual floating pricing. If you suffer from seriousness or would like to improve your quality of life, what do you have to loose. It is for everyone except babies. They have been floating for 9 months. 



1 hour and 20 minutes of time to be in the float room 10 min to clean it for the next session. We run floats every 90 minutes

Towels for the shower

Soap ~Shampoo~Lotion

Hair dryer

Throw away combs

A lighted mirror