All OPTIONS: massage, floating, sauna, salt room, oxygen bar, zyto scan

Massage PRICES ~ ADD-ON options ~ Descriptions of styles

Ligonier Location- 106 North St Clair Street

Massage or massage therapy are systems of structured palpation or movement of the soft tissue of the body. The massage system may include, but is not limited to, such techniques as, stroking, kneading, gliding, percussion, friction, vibration, compression, passive or active stretching within the normal anatomical range of movement; effleurage (either firm or light soothing, stroking movement, without dragging the skin, using either padded parts of fingertips or palms); petrissage (lifting or picking up muscles and rolling the folds of skin); or tapotement (striking with the side of the hand, usually with partly flexed fingers, rhythmic movements with fingers or short rapid movements of sides of the hand). These techniques may be applied with or without the aid of lubricants, salt or herbal preparations, hydromassage, or thermal massage. The purpose of the practice of massage is to enhance the general health and well-being of the recipient. Massage does not include the diagnosis of a specific pathology, the prescription of drugs or controlled substances, spinal manipulation or those acts of physical therapy that are outside the scope of massage therapy.

$40 for 30 minutes

$55 for 45 minutes

$70 for 60 minutes

$85 for 75 minutes

$100 for 90 minutes

$140 for 120 minutes (2 hours)

REBOOK within 6 week time-frame before leaving and enjoy the rebooking rates 10% off

$34 for 30 minutes

$49.50 for 45 minutes

$63 for 60 minutes

$76.50 for 75 minutes

$90 for 90 minutes

$126 for 120 minutes (2 hours)


Add to any massage session without increasing your time.

*Hot Stones/Cold Stones
*CBD Lotion
*Essential Oils
* Cupping
*deeper work
Add to any session with aprox 10 min increased time.
* Foot/Hand scrub
* Foot/Hand Scrub with Pariffin wrap
* Back scrub with Mud Treatment or Pariffin
Add 15 minute enhancements
* Auyverdic Head/Face massage (soon to come)
* Cupping
* Gua Sha
* Cold Stone Face Treatment
Add 30 minutes 
* Aromatouch Technique (8 essential oils on spine & back)
* Reflexology Session
* Ionic Foot Soak
*  Far Infared Sauna Session

Swedish, the “Classic Massage”

The good old basic swedish massage is not basic in results.  It has health benefits from neurological deep unwinding to tactile sensations of extreme relaxation. If you are wanting more emotional balance this is the massage for you.  It provides mental and physical balance creating emotional well being.  A good therapist will have a good flow to their touch using the 5 strokes in Swedish: efflurage (sliding or gliding), petrissage (kneading), tapotement (rhythmic tapping), friction (cross fiber), and vibration (shaking)

Deep Tissue

Should be called Deep Pressure or more pressure.  Most people will say they want Deep Tissue Massage.  It is common that people want more pressure used during a Swedish style massage.  Deep Tissue is realigning deeper layers of muscles and connective tissue. It is especially helpful for chronically tense and contracted areas such as stiff necks, low back tightness, and sore shoulders.

Some of the same strokes are used as classic Swedish massage, but the movement is slower and the pressure is deeper and concentrated on areas of tension and pain.  Breathing and communication of pain levels are used.


Trigger Point Therapy

This is the type of work I most enjoy during a session with you. I love getting to the pain areas and working them out; at your comfortability level.

Trigger points are described as hyperirritable spots in skeletal muscle that are associated with palpable nodules in taut bands of muscle fibers. Trigger point researchers believe that palpable nodules are small contraction knots and a common cause of pain. Compression of a trigger point may elicit local tenderness, referred pain, or local twitch response. The local twitch response is not the same as a muscle spasm. This is because a muscle spasm refers to the entire muscle entirely contracting whereas the local twitch response also refers to the entire muscle but only involves a small twitch, no contraction.

Trigger Point Therapy can relieve muscular aches and pains in association with these areas. It can also assist with the redevelopment of muscles and/or restore motion to joints. This is what I am talking about !!


Reflexology is used in every session.  It sets me a part from the foot rub that is expected.  It is a shorter sequence giving a true taste of a Reflexology Session.

The vast majority of people usually realize the benefits of reducing stress which in turn minimizes physical symptoms. Reflexology in conjunction with other forms of therapies complements ongoing medical treatments. This equates as a safe modality.

A complete Reflexology session is performed on both feet. The session, depending upon what is required, will last 45 to 60 minutes.Using a firm pressure, the reflexes are worked according to the client’s requirements. Stress removal is the first priority followed by enhancing circulation. Reflexology is not meant to inflict pain and common sense dictates when less pressure is required.

Myofascial Release Massage

A Wikipedia definition: The direct myofascial release (or deep tissue work) method engages the myofascial tissue “restrictive barrier” (tension). The tissue is loaded with a constant force until release occurs.[1] Practitioners use knuckles, elbows, or other tools to slowly stretch the restricted fascia by applying a few kilograms-force or tens of newtons. Direct myofascial release is an attempt to bring about changes in the myofascial structures by stretching or elongation of fascia, or mobilizing adhesive tissues. The practitioner moves slowly through the layers of the fascia until the deep tissues are reached.

No oil is used and I often give a sample of this technique when asked.  This is for the result oriented person who has an issue holding them back from movement and quality of life.  This is usually never done in a first session and yields great results.

Hot Rocks

This is a natural therapy in which warmed stones are positioned on the clients body to maximize the therapeutic benefit.  The stones used are one of two types: River Rocks or Basalt Rocks both smooth sanitized and heated for use.

I always have my rocks ready if you ever want to add a little extra spot treatment to your session.

A full Hot Rock Massage involves 50-80 stones! The stones are placed at specific points on the back, in the palms of the hand, or between the toes.  I use the rocks to massage the whole body in a Swedish style massage; I can also use them in tense areas to sooth pain using deep pressure or trigger point therapy.


While Reiki is spiritual in nature, it is not a religion. It has no dogma, and there is nothing you must believe in order to learn or use Reiki. In fact, Reiki is not dependent on belief at all and will work whether you believe in it or not. Because Reiki comes from God, a higher power, or whatever term you use it fits. Many people find that using Reiki puts them more in touch with the experience of their religion rather than having only an intellectual concept of it.

Now, onto what happens during a Reiki session.  You remain clothed.  You will close your eyes. We will both be quiet. You will feel me lay my hands on certain parts of your body which are 7 chakra points. I am allowing energy to flow through me and to you from a higher energy source. It is totally non invasive and I am always willing to give a sample of Reiki before or after your session.


Exfoliating shower before entering the tank using Dr. Broner’s soap, step into the tank turn around and kneel down to close the door then you slowly lay back into the water, do not have any expectations but to enjoy the journey. You will be in total darkness and silence for 60 minutes. When the filter sends bubbles into the water your session is over. Slowly sit up & open the tank door step into the shower.

We offer detangler spray, throw away combs, lighted mirror. Tip: do not wear makeup to this session. Stick with the float it unlocks the brain.


Why I chose Samadhi tanks: I am the owner of Everyday Therapeutics and I tried out several tanks in different states for years discovering new ways to chill out! and this is the tank I liked far better than any float experience. In my research I found out this is the original float tank. The other tanks that look sheik and white very light with lights and music with bubbles. It wasn’t Samadhi!!! This tank is the deprivation your mind needs!

When did floating start?  John C. Lilly in 1954 studied neurophysiology with the National Institute of Mental Health in Bethesda, Maryland. He looked for ways to alter reality, to dive deeper into the mind. He determined that 90n percent of the central nervous system’s workload is related to gravity, light, sound, and touch. If you are awake, your nervous systems on high alert. LILLY created the first float tank. It was a pool of water that allowed a person to float upright while supplying oxygen with a makeshift head gear. He and some colleagues tested this out for years and then produced a sellable tank in 1977.

Why do people float?  Let’s dive deeper of why would anyone want to float? You can float in your tub, in the ocean, in a pool, but why deprive yourself of light and sound while becoming weightless? The tank is designed to remove all the sensory input that makes you feel human all the time. The sensory of sounds and light such as: the coffee brewing, the mental list, the sensation of cloths touching our bodies, sounds of traffic, kids, phones, constant interruptions of though the physical realm can be overwhelming or maybe you are retired enjoying the more peaceful ease of the day. We are diving into the spiritual side of ourselves by floating. If you have taken drugs on your journey it has been described as a high like a drug without the destruction in your life drugs can bring. It can’t be totally explained and is best to experience yourself in a non physical realm and then decide.

What are the benefits of floating? The more you float the more benefits you unlock, PTSD, Writers Block, Athletes, Mental Blocks of all kinds, eating disorders, to see if you want to purchase a tank,  there is athletic potential is grounded in the brain and not just the body. Floating enhances body/mind connection. 

Is floating for me? Give it a try, we will offer Groupon Specials and continual floating pricing. If you suffer from seriousness or would like to improve your quality of life, what do you have to loose. It is for everyone except babies, they have been floating for 9 months. 

Pricing ______________  $85.00

This is for 1st time floaters or every once in a while people. 

Monthly Program 25% off______________ $ 63 per float

This is for a more serious floater who wants to enjoy floating continually. You will be billed on the 1st of the month. Perks you never loose a float session they rollover, you can share your floats with family/friends. You can cancel at anytime with 1 month notice. You can use this towards a massage if you prefer. 

Weekly Program 50% off _____________ $42.50 per float $170 a month

This is for a more serious floater. Billed at the 1st of the month. Can be shared with friends/family. Cancel at anytime with 1 month notice. Can not be used towards a massage session. Never loose a float session, they roll over. 

Want to Float More? Don’t want to travel? Want to float daily? ……Let’s talk about purchasing a tank. Samadhi has a purchase program I do get rewarded from the company for turning you onto their tanks. If you are interested, so am I !!!


Sauna Bathing users in Clearlight Infrared Sauna


*Removes toxins (impurities in the cells)

*Improves Appearance of Skin/Cellulite

*Reduces Stress/Fatigue

*Eases Arthritis, Joint Pain/Stiffness

*Improves Cardiac Health & Lowers Blood Pressure

*Improves the Immune System

*Relieves Muscle Pain

*Burns Calories/Increases Metabolism

*Lyme disease


Pricing__________________________$25 ~ 20 minute sauna

Pricing__________________________$35 ~ 45 minute sauna

This is for a walk-in person or an every once in a while sauna seeker. Take $5 off if using massage or float service.

Package of 5 / $45~  20 minute sauna $9 per sauna

Package of 5 / $65 ~ 45 minutes sauna $13 per session

*use any time, may be shared with family/friends will not loose sauna sessions, great to have to add to other treatments*

Weekly Pass: 4 times _______________________$35  30 minute sessions

** has to be used that week no roll over sauna session, this is used for weight loss clients, athletes, and person of sauna purchase interest**

Unlimited Monthly:______________________$95  30 minute sessions

**charged at the beginning of the month, cancel at any time with 1 month notice, can be shared with 1 other person, ONLY 1 sauna a day, sauna can be shared at the same time. No rollovers and funds can’t be used toward other services.

Salt Room

~A natural remedy vs pharmacistical~

Guess what: 95% of the population can use the salt room it is not niched market! If you are on this side of the grass, give it a try!

*RESPIRATORY: Asthma, Allergies, COPD, CF Cold/Flu, Sinusitis, Bronchial Infections

*SKIN: Acne, Dermatitis, Eczema, Psoriasis, Rosacea, Dry Itchy Skin, Aging Skin

*ATHLETES: Increased strength, Lung Function and Oxygen saturation


(click to see pricing & read about oxygen)

Oxygen Bar: made for 2 people 

~need to think clearly or have a hangover or a headache~ 10-20 minutes of scented oxygen can make your day! Totally safe and made for fun with a side of benefits. Everyone knows what oxygen can do for your body. Making you feel alive while pampered. We do not schedule these sessions

Foot Soaking Room: *room for 3 guests

Enjoy our copper bowl foot soaks. This is a walk-in service to be enjoyed alone, with another service, or as a party

We have choices to add to your soaking experience ~ salts, oils, combinations for ailments this is a 10-20 minute experience $15

Zyto Scan: 

This is a biosurvey without filling out a health questionnaire. This is a simple and painless process, you simply place your hand on a ZYTO Hand Cradle while a scan is run 3-10 minutes. It is a subltle energy impulse to your body, most never feel the energetic communication taking place. This is detecting a change in the electrical properties of your skin, is recorded and analyzed by the Zyto software this can be as general about your overall wellness or very specific about your body systems. 


$35 without a consultation. 

Check back on your wellness in 1 month $15

$55 with a consultation (20 minutes)

Check back on your wellness within 1 month $25

Package Pricing

*to be determined*